Monday, July 15, 2013

Am I Spoiled? Or Just Lucky?

I'm currently re-editing Debra Ann Miller's second book in the Fallen Guardian saga (Ascended), and having a good time of it. I have to wonder if all authors are as easygoing and fun to work with, or if Deb is a rarity. I see her sense of humor emerging a little more in the second book, and there are many days where I find myself chuckling at the tongue-in-cheek remarks her characters make. She's shared some of her research with me when I've had questions, and in general, has been terrific.

I'm excited to get this thing finished up so her readers can have an exciting follow-up to Descended, but it seems no matter how quickly I think I'm working, I can only get a chapter done each day. I'm thorough, so I consider that to be the trade-off to speed, and I have a family who claims a significant portion of my waking hours. Thankfully, Deb has been encouraging and gracious. I worry that I'm getting spoiled.

What if the next author I work with has an attitude? What if he expects more in less time? What if she says "no" to more of my suggestions than "yes"? I almost feel as if I should wear a bumper sticker on my laptop, warning people to be kind to me . . . similar to the "student driver" signs, or the "cashier in training" name tags. It's almost like having insurance, those signs—because, face it: they're pretty much just begging people to be pleasant to us even if we're screwing up and creating inconveniences for others. A smile, after all, even through gritted teeth, is better than a scowl. (Also, if they're gritting their teeth, I can't understand any of their mutterings, no matter how unpleasant those mutterings may be.)

And if someone is gullible enough to treat me better just because I have a sticker telling them to do so . . . well, let's just say I'm OK with that.

Now . . . how to put a sticker on my laptop that will be seen by others in the cyber world . . .

Or maybe I should just expect the best. After all, people tend to live up—or down—to the expectations of others. I'm rooting for "up."

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. You're an awesome editor with a wonderfully quirky and always comical point of view. Thanks for making me laugh...Again!


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