About Me

I'm a homeschooling mama who loves to read. I'm also a worship leader at a fairly large church. If I'm not singing, I'm reading: reading for work while looking for great music, reading content of what our communications department puts out each week, reading blogs for great ideas, or reading school "stuff." One of the pitfalls of reading so much for work and school is that I'm always in "proofreading mode," even while reading for pleasure.

A few years ago, I decided to do something about that and began doing freelance copy editing, combining something I love (reading) with something at which I'm skilled (telling people why I'm right).

I have a terrific hubby who spoils me rotten and makes me laugh on a daily basis; three children still living at home who are, at times, the wittiest people I know; and a variety of chickens, dogs, and cats running around (the number varies from year to year) . . . and I'd be crazy to not find something to smile about with all those odd critters.

I live in the northernmost portion of western PA, with humid summers, a Great Lake close at hand, the wonderful smell of grapes all around me in the fall, and lots of snow in the winters. I love the sharp distinctions between seasons in this part of the country.

When I'm not singing, editing, or doing school, I'm most likely teaching myself something odd, like how to play the ukulele. I know for a fact that I'm not housecleaning, and that's the important part.