Contact Me

I can be reached at, and I'm stupendous about replying quickly. Stupendous.

You can also follow me on Twitter @LyndaDietz4, although I can't promise to be all that interesting and don't tweet much. Take your chances there.

Find me on Facebook at Easy Reader Editing and like my page! What's not to like? I post links to this blog there, discuss the books I'm currently editing or reading for pleasure, and on rare occasions may even say something remarkably witty. Or remarkably dull. The fun lies in not knowing until it happens. I like to be as surprised as anyone at what comes out of my mouth.

I even have another life, and you can read about it if you're so inclined. Life As Only I Know It is the other half of me, with regular stuff that has nothing to do with books, unless you count homeschooling . . . which I suppose I should. I don't keep up with it very well, but keep meaning to get back to it, so you just never know what you'll find.